Chinar Farooqui on Design and Sources of Inspiration

Chinar Farooqui is a textile and clothing designer based in Japur, Rajasthan, India. Her passion lies in studying traditional textiles and dress, and the stories behind them. One can often find her spending hours in museums studying the folk garment collections. She finds a lot of inspiration from her travels, observing local lifestyles of people. Founded in 2009, her label 'injiri' is an outcome of her interests in traditional textiles and dresses.

Injiri Rebari Organic Cotton Home Collection

"Being a student of textiles, I love the hand-loom.  It is more about celebrating the entire process of hand-weaving - and the clothes are actually little stories about the textiles they are made of." 

Hand Loom, India

Chinar's designs do not intend to follow seasonal fashion, but stem from her appreciation for traditional Indian textile techniques. 

"The design that one finds in my products are mainly the textile designs which are incorporated while weaving a piece of fabric on the loom like selvedge (or self-edge of a woven fabric), borders, cross borders, and weaving patterns. I use the hand-woven fabric for clothes in such a way that the textile design becomes apparent and it also becomes the most important design feature of that garment."

Injiri Rebari Throw, Bed Cover

"The inspiration for most of the garments comes from local dressing styles of rural India and other folk cultures from around the world. It is the simplest work clothes of peasants, farmers and common man that inspires me the most."


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