A social enterprise connecting you to globally curated, ethically crafted home goods rooted in artisanal traditions

We believe the quintessential beauty of a culture embeds in its handicrafts, and the wisdom contained in centuries-old techniques is worth celebrating. Working directly with artisan cooperatives around the world, we ensure heritage craft practices continue in a responsible way, benefiting both the people and the nature. Each product in our collection is designed to suit the needs of a modern home, for home is a space that reflects our values, and ultimately a miniature of the world we aspire to live in. 

Up-and-Coming Designers

We proudly present original, soulful designs created by artists and designers from diverse backgrounds. The authenticity of our product collections derives from each designer's profound understanding of their home country's culture, language, and history, as well as the strong connections they share with the people there. Thoughtfully curated for eclectic living, each item is born from a distinct aesthetic that hints at its unique origins, bringing inspirations from far-away lands to enrich your space.

Time-Honored Techniques

We traverse the globe to collaborate with artisans who are still practicing the crafts passed down by their ancestors - the resulting products are museum-worthy keepsakes of precious craft traditions. We form these partnerships to expand economic inclusion to some of the most underprivileged communities in the world, to create jobs that pay stable fair wages, to revive and refine ancestral handicraft legacies, and ultimately, to move craft into the future.

Habitat for All

We place sustainability and environmental preservation at the center of our supply chain. Our artisan partners use locally-sourced and eco-friendly materials, including salvaged textiles, organic cotton, repurposed metal, and certified wood harvested under sustainable forest management. Our palette favors unbleached cotton, natural colors of wool and alpaca, vegetable dye, and toxin-free natural dye. Our hang tags are handmade from recycled chipboard and cotton scraps. Even our shipping boxes contain at least 60% of recycled material.

Giving and Giving Back

Sourcing directly from artisans and selling exclusively online, we bring globally-inspired living at fair prices to your fingertips. Even better, as the digital era allows us to tremendously reduce the cost of operation, communication and transportation, we took the chance to amplify the re-investment back into our artisan communities - 10% of our profits go back to fund the expansion and development of new products for our current artisan partners, and another 10% go to the exploration and establishment of new collaborations.