"This phenomenon ... reveals an underlying space of unknown dimensions." 

- Liliana Ovalle

Liliana Ovalle and Colectivo 1050: The Sinkhole Vessels

Currently on view at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the Sinkhole project is the result of a collaboration between London-based artist Liliana Ovalle and Oaxacan ceramist collective Colectivo 1050°.

The black vessels stand as a representation of sinkholes, a portrayal of those voids that emerge abruptly from the ground, dissolving their surroundings into an irretrievable space. Each vessel is suspended in a wooden frame, alluding to a cross section of the ground that reveals the hidden topographies.  

By making reference to different process of extinction, the Sinkhole project aims to reflect and extend the permanence of what seems to be inevitably falling into a void.   

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Originally posted on LilianaOvalle.com.  Photos and texts are courtesy of the artist. 



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