Meet the Ceramicists in Oaxaca, Mexico

A dream destination for many of us, Oaxaca not only boasts a magnificent landscape, but also takes pride in its rich culture and ancestral craft traditions that are still alive today.  

We made a mini film featuring the pot-making skills of the Oaxacan ceramicists.  Most of them are still following the traditional production processes, during which all the work is done by hand.  These techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, refined, and remained an active part in the community life.  



Our Favorite Products from Oaxaca

Bartola Jars


Papa & Mama Pigs


Three Little Pigs


Fractal Lamp Shade



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In the small village of Cantel, Guatemala, a group of 17 glass artisans joined together in 1976 and opened COPAVIC, the Recycled Glass Cooperative of Cantel. Their vision was clear and simple: Build a sustainable business for both the environment and the people. 

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Hmong Batik: The Storytelling Roots

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