Inspired by vintage aesthetics as always, Injiri's designer Chinar Farooqui presents her new collection, Ahir, with a modern twist on traditional Indian ethnic textiles and patterns. 

Ahir is the namesake of the Ahir caste, an ethnic group migrated into India from Central Asia during the early Christian era. Ahir people are believed to be the descendants of Lord Krishna. For generations, they have been farmers, herders, and warriors. 

Ahir woman, Flickr

An Ahir woman wearing her traditional costume. ( Flickr )

Gujarat, India
Taken in the streets of Gujarat, India, where many Ahir people dwell. 

The elaborate costumes of Ahir women have infused colors into the Injiri home collections. Chinar's interpretation of multi-colored stripes, vibrant checkers, and exquisite embroidery carries her unique personal trademark - simple yet elegant, calm but never without a sense of rhythm. 

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