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Nankeen Indigo (蓝印花布) originated in China's Jiangsu Province 3,000 years ago. Artisans use hand-cut paper stencils, soybean paste, and natural indigo dye to create patterns on cotton and linen. The process requires zero electricity. The all-natural indigo dye is eco-friendly.

In 2010, LuRu Home started to work with the few remaining artisan families that were still practicing this ancient craft. In the outskirts of Shanghai, they make crisp, contemporary prints that are rooted in the long history of Chinese textile art.
LuRu Home
LuRu HomeLuRu home

"Typical motifs convey good luck, prosperity and health;
even the simplest print is full of symbolism."

- Liza Serratore, co-founder of LuRu Home

LuRu HomeLuRu Home Nankeen Indigo Dye
LuRu Home

Driven by ardent desire to steward the Nankeen dying technique,
LuRu Home started to collect vintage Nankeen fabrics in China, and
soon estblished an extensive collection of traditional Chinese textiles.
Vintage fabrics were repurposed for various usages in the home -
pillows, runners, upholstery, etc, each designed to best preserve
the original motifs and symbolism.

LuRu Home now offers a wide range of textiles, home goods,
and fashion accessories made of both new and old Nankeen indigo
fabrics, as well as screen and digitally printed textiles designed with
a vintage air from the Far East. They're presenting, indeed,
a fresh interpretation of Chinoiserie.

LuRu HomeLuRu HomeLuRu HomeLuRu HomeLuRu HomeLuRu HomeLuRu HomeLuRu HomeLuRu HomeLuRu Home

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