The New Neutral

Have you tried pink in home decorations? Pink is feminine and sweet, but it can also be audacious, lively, sophisticated, or understated, as versatile as these eight interiors have proved -  

Pink, light or deep, turns crisp with a black-and-white monochromic scheme.
A few metallic sparks work wonders in bringing the place together.

Pink and green, an all-time favorite.

When used as a background for the other pastel colors, pink can be surprisingly neutral. 

For hundreds of years, pink has been widely loved by artisans around the world: Morocco, Peru, Guatemala, India,...
Their handcrafted works use pink in such an exotic way that each item is refreshing and inspiring. 

The muted pink tea towel brings softness to this rustic, earth-toned kitchen. 

And finally, a pink paradise - installation by Darby Society. 

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