Styling the Seasons: Stripes

It's about time to freshen up your room for spring. Adding some stripes would do the trick instantly. Stripes are always uplifting, and they never go out of style.

Striking visual impact from a striped wall.


For something less dramatic,
it's always a good idea to start with a rug. 


 Or a pillow.

(Design Sponge)

Bold stripes stand out elegantly amidst many patterns and textures.

 Play with colors and dimensions to create a stripe-on-stripe scheme.

(Desde My Ventana)

S H O P   S T R I P E S

Pais Textil Stripe Pom Pom Pillow  Ivory Tracks Oval Dish  Pais Textil Pom Pom Bed Runner


Abanja Stripe Pom Pom Blanket  Pais Textil Pima Cotton Bed Runner  Woven Promises Ethiopian Cotton Napkins

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