Our latest arrivals come from the mountainous country Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, where a semi-nomadic culture continued for over 2,000 years. Sheep is among the most important wealth for the people there, as many of them come from herding families that have been living in yurts and tending sheep, horses, and yaks for generations.

With wool sourced directly from nearby mountains and whimsical designs by Craftspring from Brooklyn, New York, women artisans in Kyrgyzstan are crafting gifts and decorations with their traditional technique of wet felting. This generations-old technique creates a textile that is strong and incredibly soft to the touch, making it a beautiful medium to connect the heritage of Kyrgyz nomadic culture with our modern urban lifestyle.

Craftspring artisans in Kyrgyzstan

Craftspring artisans in Kyrgyzstan

Hand-felted wool by craftswomen in Kyrgyzstan

A member of the Fair Trade Fedration, Craftspring takes pride in the empowerment of women's entrepreneurship across Kyrgyzstan. "From the raw wool we source to the recycled packaging in which we ship our final products, we live by the principle that the materials we use and the products we make should contribute to the world, not drain it. We believe that business choices can be regenerative, and that we can positively impact the environment and global communities, not detract from them".

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