Alex Monroe jewelry is an exquisite celebration of nature and the memories that it evokes. Every piece is a testament to the designer's love for his childhood home: from the mesmerizing dragonflies flitting around the Suffolk countryside to a quirky shrimp inspired by early memories of an unconventional but delicious afternoon tea. Unlike fashion trends that come and go, Alex's collections are a testament to his organic and authentic creative process. He and his design team are constantly brimming with new and exciting ideas, as creativity knows no bounds. 

Alex Monroe Jewelry Bee Necklaces Inspired by Nature


A team of skilled designers, led by the visionary Alex himself, forgoes conventional wax carving techniques and instead opt to carve their designs directly onto sterling silver by hand. This distinctive approach grants them the ability to craft awe-inspiring pieces with unmatched natural intricacies, a hallmark of Alex Monroe jewelry. The design process is a journey of transformation, with a new collection taking anywhere from weeks to months, and at times, even years to come to fruition. The initial inspirations keep twisting, shifting and evolving, until a final story of finished jewelry comes to light.


When a collection comes to life, the original masterpieces are lovingly packaged and sent to Alex’s trusted casting partners in Birmingham’s historic jewelry quarter. Jewelry casting is an art form that brings raw materials to life. Artisans pour molten metal into a mould, creating a series of castings that capture the essence of the original master, but lacking the finer details. Then the jewelers transform each rough casting into a breathtaking piece of art, carefully crafting every detail by hand. It is a labor of love that ensures every piece of jewelry is as unique as the wearer who chooses it.

Alex Monroe Jewelry Casting Soldering Workshop


Finally, a team of production jewelers cleans up and perfects the details in the castings, transforming them into he breathtaking pieces that you know and love. They clean up each piece with a surgeon's precision, expertly solder elements together, and hand-set gemstones with care. With deft hands, they polish, plate, and quality-check every piece, ensuring that each one meets the high standards of excellence. 


At Alex Monroe, the love for nature extends far beyond inspiration. The team is devoted to minimizing the impact of their work on the environment and the people within it. As pioneers of positive change in the jewelry industry, Alex Monroe has been using recycled materials, ensuring that the gemstones are ethically sourced, and continually seeking new ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Every detail matters, even down to the packaging. The Alex Monroe boxes are lined and padded with organic bamboo fabric. The cardboard paper is FSC certified and uncoated, making it easy to recycle when it's time for a new adventure. But of course, we hope that you will cherish your Alex Monroe box for years to come, storing your treasures in a safe and eco-friendly place. It is a small but meaningful way that we contribute to a brighter, greener future for all.

Alex Monroe Jewelry Box Recycled Paper Organic Bamboo Padding
Photos: Alex Monroe

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