I take a walk, walk around,
I walk, and walk... 
And everyday I find something new.


- Fernanda Sibilia


Home to an ancient market, a modern shopping mall, and the prominent tango singer Carlos Gardel, the bustling Abasto district in Buenos Aires gives Fernanda Sibilia her daily inspiration. This Argentine artist works with seven artisans in her studio, which is located in the heart of Abasto, using traditional metalsmith techniques to craft jewelry and homewares with brass, copper, and alpaca silver.

Sibilia's creations ( shop here ) are known for their organic shapes and bold, fascinating colors. The former evolves from mid-century modern design, while the latter goes way back to the pre-Columbian era. Being entirely handmade, each and every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The newly launched home collection consists of a few dozens of metal bowls and several elegant mobiles. When speaking with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sibilia said the idea of creating home products made her "thrilled". As her own house is filled with reminiscent small objects, her home collection draws inspirations from popular interior design styles and enamelwares in the 1970s.


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