On the top of any pom pom lover's bucket list should be a trip to Peru. Colorful pom poms are everywhere - from the country's capital Lima, to the floating islands of Uros. 

Peruvian Pom Poms: A Native Girl Wearing Traditional Costume on the Islands of Uros

Peruvian Pom Poms: Traditionally Woven Belts with Woolen Pom Poms

Especially during festivals, traditional costumes and hair ties are all embellished with pom poms. Saturated colors, rich textures and delicate detailing resonate with one another, like a symphony flowing over the streets, paying homage to the dazzling textile culture of Peru. 

Peruvian Pom Poms: Dancing Girls in Festival Costumes

Peruvian Pom Poms: Festival Costumes

It is said that the colors of pom poms have symbolic meanings: A colorful pom pom indicates happiness, while a blue one signifies sadness.  

Peruvian Pom Poms


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