Nirmala Handwoven Cotton Table Runner

Named after the woman who discovered India's first HIV case - Nirmala, these Kala cotton table runners are handcrafted from heirloom organic cotton grown in Gujarat, India, and entirely woven by hand on wooden looms using one of the oldest methods of textile production in India. The looms require no electricity or punch cards to guide the design, but rely solely on the skill, technique and vision of the weavers. The Kala cotton crop doesn't require vast amount of water to grow and is purely rain fed. It also has high tolerance to diseases and pests, and therefore no pesticides are ever needed.

  • By Soil to Studio
  • Unbleached cotton
  • 17" x 78"
  • Entirely a hand-crafted piece; subtle irregularities are to be celebrated
  • Hand wash cold with a PH neutral soap; hang to dry
  • India
  • Style No. 683010020N


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