Handmade Tile Coaster, Set of 4

It all started in 1954, when a group of ceramicists discovered the kaolinite deposits in Northern Thailand, and started building their kiln to produce some of the finest porcelain wares in the country. Each piece was created from the careful preparation of the kaolin clay, washed several times to remove all impurities, and fired twice to achieve the solid but smooth finish. Now the second generation of artisans are infusing modern ceramic concepts into their handmade tradition, bringing us these porcelain coasters inspired by nature - palm leaves, waves, tree bark, and pebbles. The finishing touches on each piece are done by hand, making every set subtly different and unique.

  • Porcelain
  • 4" square
  • Dark blue / ivory
  • Foam backing
  • Set of 4
  • Thailand
  • Style No. 661340020C


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