T H E R E vol. 5

THERE vol.6
minzuu magazine

Editor's Note

Every beginning of a new year wakes a longing for new encounters. In this issue, the artists and designers we feature came to the United States from other parts of the world, each bringing their unique cultural heritage. Just like the earliest pilgrims on the Mayflower, they ventured to find a space to express and strengthen their identity. Their works embody the past paths they have taken, the aesthetic philosophy they follow, and the craftsmanship they cherish. The far-flung roots of these items arouse a sense of otherness, which reminds us of the territories yet to be explored and keeps our curiosity alive.

It is to our even greater pleasure seeing various parts of the world converse with one another in a diverse scenario of art, design, and handicraft. Such dynamics drives innovative ideas to burgeon and a deeper understanding to form - when touched by a foreign object that conveys a sense of time and place, within ourselves we find commonalities that we never knew existed.

  US / Ethiopia 
  the design story of Hana Getachew

  US / India
  of the hand-loom tradition in Southern India 

  US / Colombia 
  on design, collaboration, and social mission

  US / Australia 
  a glance at Brooklyn-based Studio Joo