SOKO Cuffs
The latest recipe for lifting
people out of poverty is mobile communication.
Mobile technology holds great promise in delivering information
and forming networks for people who live in remote rural areas,
where they struggling everyday with the scarcity
of resource as well as information.

Soko, a 3-year-old startup with its HQs in Nairobi, Kenya,
has brought mobile technology into the realm of fashion,
and connected a vast network of distributed artisans
from the bottom of the pyramid to the global consumer market.

As mobile phones become
pervasive in the developing world,
Soko is able to deliver real-time
market feedback to over 1,000
artisans in Kenya.

Once poor and marginalized,
these artisans are now creating
fashion jewelry in the most sought-
after designs across the world,
all independently and yet
in a concerted manner.

SOKO Artisans in Workshop
SOKO Artisan in Workshop

Soko calls its model
"Ethical Fast Fashion",
in the sense that it provides customers
with ethically produced jewelry
that are both trendy and affordable.

Even better, as all this happens,
artisans increase their incomes by 4 times
on average within 2 months of joining Soko.

SOKO Winter Chain Dangle
SOKO Rosary Pendant Necklace
SOKO Horn Line Cuff

Words: MINZUU   Photos: SOKO

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