Nest Artisans

"Craft is the second largest employer of women
in emerging economies. It helps to keep women
out of forced labor, empowers them to earn economic
independence, and allows them to work from home
while caring for their children."

- Rebecca van Bergen, Founder of Nest

Rebecca graduated with her Masters
Degree in Social Work from Washington
University in St. Louis, Missouri in 2006
with the idea for Nest already in mind.

Recognizing craft as a viable form of
employment for women around the
world - one that allows them to care
for their children while doing something
they love - Rebecca was determined
to channel sustainable development
of artisan businesses
as a force for positive change.

And she founded Nest that same year,
at the young age of 24.

Rebecca van Bergen, Founder of Nest
Nest Artisans

Today, with its HQs in New York, Nest is committed to building a more just industry
for fashion and home design, in which artisans around the world are better setup to
succeed. As these industries become increasingly fast-paced, Nest believes that it is more
important than ever to protect handmade craft and the talented people who make it.

Starting with on-the-ground surveys that are tailored to the home environment,
Nest assesses the needs that small artisan groups face, and create detailed programming
plans accordingly to address their needs. On the other hand, recognizing that many solutions
remain to be built, Nest connects and catalyzes brands, philanthropist, industry experts,
cultural institutions, and the academic community to help tackle the biggest issues
plaguing the artisan sector as a whole.

Nest Artisans

In the year of 2015, Nest
artisan partners experienced a 76% growth
in revenue and 45% increase in production.

On average, Nest artisans earn 120% more
than their national minimum wage; and for
every 1 artisan employed, 20 more people
are impacted, including family members
and others in the community.
Nest Artisan
Nest Artisans

Words & Photos: Nest