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Liliana Ovalle: The Sinkhole Project

is the result of a collaboration
between London-based artist Liliana Ovalle
and Colectivo 1050°.

Liliana Ovalle: Sketch of the Sinkhole Project

The black vessels stand as
a representation of sinkholes,
a portrayal of those voids
that emerge abruptly from the ground,
dissolving their surroundings
into an irretrievable space.

Each vessel is suspended in a wooden frame,
alluding to a cross section of the ground
that reveals the hidden topographies.

The clay shapes,
based in local archetypes for utilitarian pottery,
are crafted by local ceramicists from Tlapazola, Oaxaca
using ancestral techniques and skills that are struggling
to find a place in the contemporary global landscape.

By making reference to different process of extinction,
the Sinkhole project aims to reflect and extend the permanence
of what seems to be inevitably falling into a void.

On our blog:  The Making Process of the Sinkhole Vessels

Words & Photos: Liliana Ovalle