Bolé Road Textiles

Hana Getachew

At a young age, Hana Getachew
came to the United States from Ethiopia.
She started college majoring in Fine Arts at
Cornell University, soon switched to interior design
knowing it was a better fit, and entered a leading
architectural firm upon graduation.

Yet her love for traditional Ethiopian textiles
lead her on to another adventure.
In 2015, Hana started her home textile label,
Bolé Road Textiles, collaborating with small
weaving collectives in Ethiopia to bring their
unique craftsmanship to America.

Hana Getachew, Bole Road Textiles
Based in Brooklyn, New York, Bolé Road Textiles is named after the Bole Road in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia and Hana's childhood home. Bole Road connects the city with Bole International Airport, which serves as Ethiopia's gateway to the world. Hana's modern, vibrant design quickly attracted wide acclaim since its debut in BKLYN DESIGNS 2015. As her ethically sourced, exquisitely handwoven textiles fly off the shelves, weavers in Ethiopia receive fair compensations to grow their businesses and revitalize their communities.

Hana Getachew, Bole Road Textiles

Bole Road Textiles Artisan Weaving
Hana Getachew, Bole Road Textiles

Hana's design approach has been greatly influenced by the education she received at Cornell.  "I learned to have an appreciation for modern design in both interiors and graphic design. It was also during my time in college when I learned to explore how my heritage influences the personal aesthetic and approach to my work."

Through her textile collections, Hana seeks to share the history and culture of her home country Ethiopia, whether it's a story of a particular region, custom, or event. The inspiration she draws from the rich details of Ethiopian textiles shine through her clean, minimal lines and palettes, adding depth and texture to a towel, a throw, a pillow.

Hana Getachew, Bole Road Textiles

Bole Road Textiles, wooden loom
Bole Road Textiles, Pillows
Hana Getachew, Bole Road Textiles

"The weavers, they have a big influence on my product line."

- Hana Getachew

Hana Getachew, Bole Road Textiles
Hana Getachew, Bole Road Textiles

In Ethiopia, weaving is a craft that has traditionally been performed by men and passed on from father to son. However, the rising cost of raw materials and the lack of a fair wage has been making it harder and harder to maintain such a tradition. Today, many skilled weavers, men and women, migrate from southern Ethiopia to the capital city of Addis Ababa, where they form collectives and strive to practice the unique styles of weaving from their respective regions. Working closely with two weaving collectives, Hana greatly values the opportunity to showcase the quality and skill of these artisans.

"It's really a collaboration since they often bring my designs to life in ways I haven't thought of," says Hana. The weavers interpret her designs on their hand looms, often enhancing the final products by applying intricate weaving techniques. Such nuances, she believes, are the very elements that make handwoven textiles amazing.

Hana Getachew, Bole Road Textiles