a collaborative project 
between artisans, designers, and artists 
in Oaxaca, Mexico
Oaxifornia Carrizo Lamps
Oax-i-fornia started in 2005 as an academic project catalyzing collaboration and exchange between artisans, designers, and artists. Directed by designer Raul Cabra, the project seeks to broaden creative opportunities for local artisans through collaborative work with multidisciplinary professionals, and thereby expand the spaces for ancestral traditions to assert themselves in a contemporary world.
The workshop of Oax-i-fornia aims to establish bonds across cultures through hands-on making, and to ultimately challenge the preconceived notions of otherness and difference in the process. By exploring new possibilities in locally sourced materials such as cotton, silk cocoons, copal wood, carrizo, and black clay, the workshop facilitates indelible creative experiences for both visitors and locals.

Oax-i-fornia Workshop


Photos and text: Courtesy of Oax-i-fornia