YARN: the Movie

The intertwining borders between arts and crafts incubate new possibilities for expression. In YARN: the Movie, a documentary by Montreal-based Icelandic director Una Lorenzen, knitting and crocheting are no longer the domain of grannies, but an expressive medium of art. 

YARN: the Movie

YARN: the Movie

We tour the world following Lorenzen's camera and watch Icelandic wool graffiti artist Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar using her crocheted work as a means of political protest, children and adults enjoying the giant colorful play nets engineered by Canada-based Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, Brooklyn-based Polish artist Olek interacting with passers-by via her crochet suits and flowers, and Tilde Björfors, the founder of the contemporary Swedish circus company Cirkus Cirkör, explaining why yarn is a symbol for the human condition. 

"Reinventing our relationship with this colorful tradition, YARN weaves together wool graffiti artists, circus performers, and structural designers into a visually-striking look at the women who are making a creative stance while building one of modern art's hottest trends."

Premiered at the SXSW festival in March, YARN: the Movie is now screening throughout the country. Click here for a complete schedule. 

And as you're waiting, check out the trailer below:  

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