What Do You Use to Adorn Yourself?

It is the season to dress up and party. What do you use to adorn yourself? 

In other words, what statement are you making with what you wear?

Ethical fashion and a conscious life style can't be complete without ethically-made jewelry. We all know a thing or two about blood diamonds, however, did you also know that even the so-called "conflict-free diamonds" are often mined by child labor? Most of the gold mines in the world cause severe environmental deterioration - polluting air, contaminating water, and destroying arable soils in the surrounding areas. Semi-precious and precious gem stones are usually cut and polished by child workers in developing countries. The majority of these children don't have access to safe guards or protection against hazards. All that breathing in of dust greatly increases their chance of getting in early adulthood. 

That is why we feel the urge to champion ethical jewelry - something produced with minimal impact on the environment, and maximal benefit to local workers. From across the globe, we curated four brands:

from India
from Mexico
from Swaziland
from Kenya

 Each with a distinct style, they work with skillful artisans following fair-trade guidelines, using reclaimed and up-cycled materials - brass, bone, horn, paper pulp, and silk cocoons to create original jewelry design. 

Wearing ethical jewelry makes one feel ultra good. You have the peace of mind knowing it's green and clean. You know the makers have received their worth, and your worth deserves a well-made piece and statement as such.

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