5 Tips for Spicing Up Your Simplistic Home

So, you're ready to add some glam and colors to your all white, Scandinavian décor.  But just how do you take the first step of changing from a minimalist style into a room sparkling with global cultures? 

Here are 5 tips from décor experts to hold your hands through this transition - 

1.  Use ethnic elements as accents to juxtapose interior styles, or to add focal points in rooms.  You can certainly start from sneaking in a few subtle pieces - or, to take the bold approach, pick one statement item and let it change the game. 

 2.  If you opt for a piece-meal change, start from patterned fabrics or tiles.

 3.  By adding unusual small items, such as a centerpiece bowl or a pendant lamp, you can make an ordinary spot enchanting.

 4.  When taking the bold approach and looking for a drastic change, don't forget to find a unifying elements among all objects - color is usually the best way to do this.  

 5.  Above all, always buy from the heart rather than because something is "on-trend".  The pieces that evoke an emotional response in your heart can survive many style shake-ups. 




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